Teacup Piglets
immoral-exhortations has asked: This blog made me the happiest I've ever been

Awwww I’m glad I can put a smile on your face with my blog!

singer-feels-salvage-yard has asked: Your blog is golden with all these precious piglets oh my god bless you <3

Thank you so much! I feel like such a slacker for not posting lately but college has been kicking my butt.

Anonymous has asked: How much are the tea cup pigs? How much is their average weight at full grown?

They range in price. I highly suggest seeing if there are shelters around your area. Pigs4ever.com helps if you’re in Canada or the USA. Hope that helped!

Anonymous has asked: where can you buy a teacup pig ?

Try searching google. It depends on where you live and the laws around you.

sarah-milli has asked: How big do teacup pigs get?

Honestly it depends on their diet, they can end up weighing 400 lbs (crazy I know) especially if you end up being conned into getting a pot belly pig. But if you do get a true teacup pig, around 30lbs. :)